Post-Conference Courses

ArcGIS Field Apps

Instructor: Chris Marsh, Esri 

Workshop Format: Lecture and Hands-on Activities (BYOD) 

Time: 1:15pm to 5:15pm

Workshop Description: This workshop will provide an overview of the ArcGIS Field Apps (wheel of field solutions) and then we proceed to cover each app individually, supported by demonstrations and several hands-on activities. Participants must bring their own laptop and mobile device or tablet (iOS, Android). Please download the following apps to your mobile device prior to the workshop (all Esri apps in your app store): Survey123, Collector for ArcGIS, ArcGIS QuickCapture. Participants will be provided access to a class ArcGIS Online organization for the workshop activities. 

What’s New with ArcGIS

Instructor: Chris Marsh, Esri 

Workshop Format: Lecture and discussion 

Time: 8:00am to 11:45am

Workshop Description: This workshop will cover the most recent developments for the ArcGIS Platform. This includes ArcGIS Desktop (and ArcGIS Pro), ArcGIS Enterprise, mobile apps, web apps, as well as specialty solutions such as ArcGIS Insights, ArcGIS Urban, and ArcGIS Indoors. The presentation will also cover the changes with the ArcGIS 10.8 release, and discuss upcoming developments, including licensing. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, which will guide the focus of the presentation. The intent of the workshop is to engage in a lively conversation, while ensuring participants leave with a good understanding of the latest components and products that comprise the ArcGIS platform. 

Autodesk Ecosystem: Incorporating the Various Autodesk Offerings within a Project

Instructor: Kevin Closson ACI, CTT 

Time: 1:15pm to 5:15pm

Workshop Description: With ever-growing datasets and the wide variety of software offerings within Autodesk’s collections, one often asks themselves, “Where do I start?” Look no further… This session will focus on the current pros and cons associated with large datasets (e.g. LiDAR, Point Clouds) while providing solutions and/or workarounds for them in their current working state. Furthermore, we will expand our conversation by exploring Autodesk’s latest entry, InfraWorks, as it relates to today’s most common practices as well as the associated “peripheral” tools that streamline the laborious process of data aggregation. This session will highlight the following topics listed below: 

  • Compiling a Base Map (Model Builder)
  • Autodesk Raster Design (Clean-up)
  • Autodesk Recap Overview
  • Scan Data (Surface accuracy and Precision)
  • InfraWorks and Civil 3D Interoperability

Comparing Trimble’s TerraFlex and Esri’s Collector App in a Hands-on Workshop

Instructor: Frontier Precision

Time: 8:00am to 11:45am 

Workshop Description: Hands-on workshop, limited to 20 attendees, that will give users a chance to compare the Esri Collector and Trimble TerraFlex workflows. Trimble R1 and R2 receivers along with the Juniper Systems Geode will be available for users to test while collecting data in the field and viewing results in the classroom. Both real-time and post-processed workflows will be covered. Managing coordinate systems and datums of all workflows will also be discussed. The workshop will be valuable to both current and potential users of this technology. Please plan to provide your own smartphone or tablet, and you may be asked to download apps to your device. High accuracy receivers will be provided, but users are welcome to bring their existing equipment. Attendees are not required to own Collector or TerraFlex licenses for the workshop. Temporary logins will be provided for the day. Please note that part of the session will be outdoors with the equipment. Dress accordingly.