2020 Agenda

Morning (Monday April 6th)

Speaker Presentation/course
Jim Walker / G. Horton – AK DNR DMLW RS2477 Rights-of-Way and Section Line Easements in AK
Rob Boyce – Frontier Precision Minimizing Cumulative Error Through Proper Equipment Maintenance
Kevin Ahlgren – NGS NGS’s Geoid Monitoring Service (GeMS) & Unique Impacts for Alaska
Joel Cusick – NPS An Ologists Perspective on OPUS Shared Solutions
Dr. Qassim Abdullah – Woolpert Performance Analysis of Four UAS-based Lidar Systems
Matt Bethel – Merrick & Company High Resolution LiDAR Survey of TAPS Above Ground Pipeline System
Mike Hendrick – AK DNR, DGGS Alaska Elevation Portal: Managing and Distributing the State’s Elevation Datasets
Ryan Lynch – Quantum Spatial High Resolution Imagery and LiDAR in a Combined Sensor Package
David Howes – David Howes, LLC Introduction to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Custom Widget Development
Dr. Terrance Kelly – UAAProfessional Ethics for the Land Professionals

Afternoon (Monday April 6th)

Speaker Presentation/course
Matthew Macander – ABR, Inc. Regional High-resolution Satellite Mosaics and Applications for Land Cover Mapping
Nicholas Klein-Baer – USFS OBIA Method for Hydrographic Feature Extraction in Prince William Sound
Jeff Landfield – Alaska Landmine, Shane Stragier How we got Campbell Lake opened to the public
Dr. Andrew Brenner – Quantum Spatial Elevation Derived Hydrology: The future of hydrography for Alaska
G. Gervelis / V. Bretchtel – AKDNR DMLW State Plane Coordinate System: Alaska’s 2022 Update
Jay Haskamp – Frontier Precision Case Study: Aerial, Mobile & Traditional measurement workflows tested
David Howes – David Howes, LLC ArcGIS Pro Add-ins: An Introduction for the GIS Layperson
Jacob Hofman – USFS Visitor Maps of the Alaska National Forests

Morning (Tuesday April 7th)

Speaker Presentation/course
Rose Hart – Stantec Eyes in the sky, Boots on the ground
Tasha Huhta – BLM Bearing Trees and Monument Accessories
Neil Robicheau – ASPLS, AK President ASPLS General Membership Meeting
Angie Southwould – NPS Developing and Implementing Core Spatial Data Standards
Sydney Thielke – USFWS The Unfinished Business of the National Wetlands Inventory: Alaska
Justin Crowther – ENSTAR Natural Gas Monitoring Natural Gas Pipelines Using Survey123, Workforce, and Model Builder
John Kerr – Survbase AK LS Exam Study Workshop
Jack Grunder – USACEUSACE Alaska Geomatics Section Overview
Tasha Huhta – BLM BLM Survey Process: Why does it take so long?
Al Karlin / Josh Novac – Dewberry NHD, Elevation Derived Hydrography, and IfSAR-derived DEMs in AK

Afternoon (Tuesday April 7th)

Speaker Presentation/course
Nathen Wardwell – JOA (Moderator) Coastal Mapping: Strategies, Public-Private Partnerships and Technologies
Dr. Qassim Abdullah – Woolpert Aligning Project Specifications with Lidar and UAS Technologies: The New Hybrid Product Approach
Neil Robicheau – Frontier Precision Purchasing Geospatial Equipment – Understanding the buying process
Jim Walker / B. Raynes -AK DNR DMLW Navigability of Rivers and Lakes in Alaska
John Kerr – Survbase AK LS Exam Study Workshop; continued
Dr. Caixia Wang – UAA Geomatic Dept. UAA Geomatics: Student Presentations and Program Highlights
Scott Arko – Descartes Labs, Inc. TBD
John English Quantum SpatialLidar mapping for Gas pipeline integrity in response to new safety regulations

Morning (Wednesday April 8th)

Speaker Presentation/course
Chris Andersen – Quantum Spatial Ground Support: Ten Survey Collection Techniques for Aerial Projects
Joel Cusick – NPS Can Scanning Help Determine Katmai’s Fattest Bear?
John Sturgeon  To the US Supreme Court and Back Again!
Cameron Dean – City of Unalaska Streamlining our Capital Planning Process with Web GIS
Rada Khadjinova – Fugro Smart Geo-Data Integration for Maximum Return on Data Investments
Dr. Dave Muane – Dewberry The Challenges and Joys of Mapping America’s Last Frontier
Neil Robicheau – Frontier Precision GNSS Corrections – sources & fundamentals
Jon Roder – Survbase Existent Obliterated and Lost
Dr. David O’Brien – Alaska Cancer Registry Cancer Study of Moose Creek regarding Fire Fighting Foam Pollution
Josh Novac – Dewberry Coastal Data Merge: Integrating Bathymetry and Topography for Alaska’s Coast
Brian Wright – USGS The USGS National Geospatial Program – Alaska and Beyond

Afternoon (Wednesday April 8th)

Speaker Presentation/course
Kevin Closson – Topcon Solutions Rediscovering CAD: New, Enhanced & Existing Efficiencies at Your Fingertips
John Bennett – R&M Consultants, Inc. No Boundaries – A brief discussion of Alaska boundary law
Heidi Kristenson – Alaska Satellite Facility ArcGIS Desktop Toolbox for working with Synthetic Aperture Radar data
Tasha Huhta – BLM Working with Native Allotments and Mineral Surveys
Becci Anderson – USGS The USGS National Geospatial Program – Alaska and Beyond
James Barnett The significance of the voyages of Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver
Tracy Fuler – USGS USGS Hydrography Pilot and Future Plans
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