Kozlowski Scholarship Fund

The Kozlowski Scholarship Fund was established with a twofold purpose. The primary goal of the fund is to encourage university students in Alaska to attend and participate in the Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference (ASMC). Secondly, the fund is intended to support education in a relevant field by recognizing outstanding effort & accomplishments by students.

The fund was named to honor the ongoing contributions of Rae Kozlowski to the success of the conference, specifically the management and accounting of the conference finances.

Notable Donors

Over the years the Kozlowski fund has been enriched through the investments made by these generous donors:


  • $250 Travel Awards
    • Intended for students not residing in host city or nearby region
    • Recognition at ASMC Awards Banquet
  • $500 Outstanding Student Award
    • For students pursuing a degree or substantial project in a related field
    • Recognition at ASMC Awards Banquet

Application Requirements

  • Full Time University Student (12+ credits)
  • Essay Describing Educational / Professional Goals (1-2 pages)
  • One written recommendation from a pertinent faculty member
  • Deadline for 2019 applications will be announced later in 2018