On behalf of the Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference (ASMC) member organizations and partners, welcome to our 53rd annual conference. We are pleased to announce that the board of the Western Federation of Professional Surveyors will meet in association with our conference and contribute to the program.

Our theme, “Mapping Decisions,” is our chance to be inclusive to all industries and professions. This embraces all who determine their actions based on maps and those mapping professionals who must decide how to acquire and analyze geospatial data to answer the questions laid before them. When the Community of Kivalina was planning an evacuation route, they turned to assessing topographic and geophysical properties to help decide the best route. When oil companies are exploring new sites and deciding where to build pads, roads, and infrastructure, they need maps. Decisions are made daily and on a wide range of scale based on maps. We want our conference to bring together surveyors and GIS professionals to collaborate as we strive to provide answers to the complex decisions private and public sector users make on a regular basis.

The conference has been compressed from five to three days for 2019 with an optional day of pre-conference workshops. This format allows us to offer the same amount of content, professional development, and the opportunity to earn continuing education credits with a shorter commitment of time from participants. The pre-conference workshops on Tuesday are a fantastic opportunity to refresh or expand your GIS skills with four 4-hour courses being offered.

Our keynote speaker at lunch Wednesday ties to the theme: Dr. David Maune, vice president of Dewberry, will focus on the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative. Due to the compressed schedule the traditional Welcome and Icebreaker Receptions will be combined on Wednesday evening in the exhibit hall. The Awards Banquet will be Thursday evening. Please plan to attend these events!

An event that is becoming more popular each year is the AAUG/URISA lunch, where we get to see maps created by attendees and participate in a relaxing, fun activity; this will be on Thursday at noon. Hope to see you at the conference! Don’t forget to stop by all the booths in the Exhibit Hall to see the latest innovations in technology and science.

We are excited for the changes in our conference and look forward to seeing old friends and new faces.

See you soon,

Angela L Parker, AICP, CFM
2019 Conference Chair